Why Is Arrange Marriage Important ?

The Ideal Marriage

इहैव स्तं मा वियौष्टं विश्वमायुर्व्यश्नुतम् 

क्रीळन्तौ पुत्रैर्नप्तृभिर्मोदमानौ स्वे गृहे 


Meaning: This Sanskrit mantra describes about the ideal marriage or what is known as the grhastha-ashrama. It says – Oh man & woman! Stay here. Don’t go away. Come of age. Always be happy in your dwelling while enjoying & playing with your children as well as your grandchildren.

Marriages Are Indeed Made in Heaven, But Undoubtedly ARRANGED Here on Earth!

Arrange marriage is an important aspect of traditional Hindu culture, and is a way of forming lifelong relationships between two individuals and families. It is based on a set of social and cultural values that place marriage at the centre of family life. Arrange marriage is seen as a way to preserve caste and sub caste, as well as to create strong bonds between families. In an arrange marriage, families and communities play an important role by finding suitable matches for those looking to get married. Matrimonial services are often used to help with matchmaking, and the match is made taking into consideration the caste and sub caste, religion, profession, lifestyle, social standing and compatibility between the two families. For Hindu weddings, the parents and elders are deeply involved in the selection process and are often consulted to ensure the marriage is successful and lasting. This practice is rooted in the tradition of respecting elders and the wisdom they provide. Arrange marriage is believed to bring stability and security to a relationship, and is an important part of family life in India. It is seen as a sign of respect for tradition and culture, and helps to form strong ties between families.

Significant Advantages of Arrange Marriage over Love Marriage

Arrange marriages, an age-old concept still prevalent in India, is based on one of the most important traditions in Hindu weddings – the idea that marriages should take place within a particular caste and sub-caste. This ancient custom is considered to be a sacred union between two people, comprised of mutual respect and understanding. Arrange marriages have a few significant advantages over love marriages, as below:

  • Firstly, both the bride and groom have their families’ consent, which means that the union is more likely to be successful in the long run.
  • Secondly, the two people involved in the union have more time to understand each other, thus allowing them to build a strong and lasting relationship.
  • Lastly, arranged marriages help strengthen family bonds by making the wedding a very special and joyous occasion.

Adjustment Problems Are Better Tackled in Arrange Marriages

What is that one thing that mars any kind of relationship adjustments? Yes! It is the “EGO!” However, adjustment problems are seen to be better tackled in an arrange marriage. How? Logically speaking, the way arranged marriages happen, the play of this monster of ego is nullified. This is because both the partners along with their families are well prepared to work in harmony towards meeting this common goal of marriage. Also, when families are taking a decision, they will leave no stones unturned to make it a success! However, in love marriages, the families are already irritated by not conforming to the decision of their ward, so they usually do not extend the hand of help when any sort of adjustment problems arise. Hence, the probability of successful arranged marriages is seen to be much higher than love marriages, resulting in pleasant union of a couple along with their families.

How Are Arrange Marriages Arranged?

Arrange marriage is an Indian tradition and an important part of Hindu weddings. It is a process where two families come together to promote the marriage of their children in a traditional way. Arrange marriage is based on the concept of religion, caste and sub-caste, and social and financial compatibility of the couple. The main objective of arrange marriage is to maintain the purity and sanctity of the culture, traditions, and customs of every family. The parents take the lead in finding a suitable match for their child, taking into account the family values and beliefs, traditions, and compatibility of the couple. This helps in providing stability to the relationship and forming a strong bond between the two families. Arrange marriage is different from love marriage in that the couple does not know each other before marriage, and match-making is done by the families. Thus, it helps in forming alliances with families who are socially, economically and culturally compatible with each other. In conclusion, arrange marriage is an important part of Hindu weddings and Indian culture, which helps in forming strong and stable relationships between two families. It helps in maintaining the traditions and customs, as well as protecting the cultural values of each family. In an arranged marriage, families take the responsibility of selecting a suitable match for their loved ones. This ensures that the couple is compatible and also helps them understand each other’s expectations. Additionally, matrimonial websites like www.thehindumatrimonial.com have made it much easier for families to find ideal matches for their children.

Hindu Matrimonial

Ultimately, arranged marriages play a vital role in preserving our culture and traditions. They are a clear representation of the values we cherish and help us build stronger relationships with our loved ones. www.thehindumatrimonial.com is the best in this regard, and knows the work it is doing for this market. So, if you are looking to get this heavenly knot arranged, Hindu Matrimony can be your go-to destination for the same!

Our future generation is surely in the gaming mode, but life is not a game, and when it comes to marriage, it’s definitely not a game at all! It is in fact a lifelong commitment, and we need to teach our GenX about the value of this eternal bond, else they would play it in the same way they might be playing PUBG, and their entire life will go for a toss!