The Hindu Marriage: Saptapadi – The 7 Steps Of Blissful Marriage

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The Hindu Marriage

The Hindu Marriage is one of the most important and meaningful ceremonies in Indian culture. It is an occasion where two families come together to celebrate the union of two individuals.

Saptapadi – The 7 Steps of Blissful Marriage

Numeric is significant in the Hindu culture, specifically in Astrology & Hindu philosophy; and, among all, number 7 seems to be quite significant in almost all Indian cultures following Hindu traditions. For example, the 7 chakras, the 7 sacred rivers, the 7 notes in music, Saptarishi, and Saptapadi. There is a sacred ritual that is part of the Hindu Marriage, which is known as Saptapadi or the seven steps. In the Sanskrit language Saptapadi is divided into “sapta” which means the number 7, and “padi” means steps. These seven steps are known as a promise made by the couple to each other that they will remain together throughout their life and fulfill their vows. It is considered to be one of the most important parts of a Hindu Marriage as it symbolizes the union of two families. The seven steps are accompanied by prayers and mantras, which are chanted by the priest and the couple. The seven steps (Saptapadi) are taken around the sacred fire, which symbolizes the divine witness of the marriage ceremony. The steps carry several deeply meaningful symbols, like that of the groom taking the bride’s hand and leading her as she follows in his footsteps. In addition, the groom promises to take care of his wife by providing her with food, clothing and shelter during the seven steps.

Meaning of Saptapadi

The seven steps of Saptapadi are symbolic of the seven promises that the couple makes to each other. These promises include love, faithfulness, trust, respect, friendship, honesty, and understanding. The couple walks around the holy fire seven times, each time repeating the mantra and making each vow. The seven steps also signify the seven stages of life that the couple will go through together. The seven steps represent the union of two souls and the commitment of both the partners to stay together for the rest of their lives. Each step symbolizes a different promise and is considered to be the ultimate commitment of the couple to the spiritual, social and moral wellbeing of each other.

The 7 Steps

Each step has its own special meaning and importance that is reflected in the Hindu wedding rituals.

  1. The first of the seven steps is called Pramaan, which signifies the promise of taking full responsibility of each other and that of the family.
  2. Second is Pratigraha, which symbolizes the commitment of respecting and accepting each other’s views.
  3. The third step is Samarpan, which implies that the couple is devoted to each other and is willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the family.
  4. Fourth is Soubhagya, which is the promise of being together and sharing the joys and sorrows of life.
  5. The fifth step, known as Santusti, signifies the mutual contentment and feeling of joy in being together.
  6. The sixth step is Padavee, which symbolizes the commitment of never leaving each other’s side and making compromises for the sake of their relationship.
  7. The seventh and final step is the Saashtang, which is the completion of the marriage vows and the couple accepting each other for who they are.

Importance of Saptapadi

The importance of Saptapadi goes beyond Hindu tradition. It is said to bring a divine blessing to the couple and their marriage, which can be seen in the form of love, joy, peace and harmony. In addition, it is believed to invoke the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses, thus ensuring that the couple will live happily ever after. The importance of Saptapadi also lies in the fact that it is an integral part of the Hindu Marriage ceremony and symbolizes the spiritual and physical connection between the couple. It is a reminder for the couple to remain devoted to each other, no matter how difficult life may be.

Vedic Importance of 7 Steps

Saptapadi is one of the most important parts of the Hindu marriage. It is a set of seven steps which are taken by the bride and groom together, as per the Vedic tradition. Saptapadi also has a spiritual significance in the Vedic tradition. Each of the seven steps is believed to represent the seven Chakras in the human body and thus symbolize the union of two souls. The seventh step is said to represent the heart chakra and thus signify the couples’ ultimate emotional commitment to each other. This Vedic importance of the seven steps signifies the couple’s commitment to remain together and to fulfil their duties as a married couple. The seven steps of Saptapadi, which are an integral part of the Hindu Marriage, bring with them a sense of joy, hope and commitment. By following the seven steps, the couple is pledging to remain together forever and ever!

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