Role of Family in Determining Your Partner Preference


This might be true in some respect, but your parents definitely have a say in your life decisions; and if they have, you will only have a better life as their experience helps you take the right decisions. When it comes to marriage, it happens to be THE most important decision of your life, so if you do this with your family’s involvement, you have a higher probability of making the right choice. Marriage is a gamble for sure, but playing in a calculative way surely helps!

What So Good about the Hindu Marriage System?

In India, one of the most important decisions of an individual’s life is choosing their life partner. While it is a personal choice, the role of family in India in determining the partner preference is undeniable. Families often come together to decide on the partner preference based on several categorizations. Some of these include horoscope, gotra, gana, family background, caste, subcaste, and Guna Milap. The Hindu marriage system is based on the 36 Gunas, which are various aspects such as physical, mental, emotional and intellectual compatibility. Based on these gunas and other criteria, families identify potential partners and then discuss the individual preferences. This is a holistic and well-thought approach to have a successful and compatible life partners. At the same time, families are often very careful in choosing a suitable partner for their children. This includes looking into the family background, caste, financial and educational stability of the family, mental and physical health of the individual, and other factors. While families have the right to influence their children’s lives, it is also important to let an individual make their own decisions. Hence, families should not force their thoughts and beliefs onto their children but act as a supportive partner in this important decision. In conclusion, the role of family in India in determining partner preference is very important. It is based on various categorizations such as horoscope, gotra, gana, family background, caste, subcaste, and the 36 Gunas. However, families should not impose their thoughts and beliefs onto their children and act as supportive partners in this important decision.

Let’s Dig Deeper into This System!

The Hindu Marriage is most decided by the family, who take into consideration several important aspects when deciding the life partner for their children. In India, the family plays a key role in determining the life partner of its members. Most families have certain criteria when it comes to finding the right companion. Some of the factors they consider while deciding the life partner preference include horoscope, Gotra, Gana, family background caste and subcaste, Guna Milap along with the 36 Gunas. Horoscope is often used to compare individual’s zodiac sign and its compatibility with that of the partner’s. Compatibility of horoscope is believed to indicate the potential for a successful relationship. Similarly, in Hindu Marriage, Gotra indicates the clan or lineage to which someone belongs. It is believed that marriages between two people of the same Gotra can create a lot of complications. Further, Gana helps to determine how two individuals will get along with each other. Families may also prefer partners from the same caste and subcaste as theirs. In India, affinity between two individuals is also judged on the basis of Guna Milap. This is a method which compares a man and a woman on the basis of their qualities and motivations. It is also believed to indicate the potential for a successful marriage. Finally, the 36 Gunas method is also used to ascertain the compatibility between two individuals. The Gunas are divided into eight categories which help in analyzing the compatibility between couples. The role of family in India when it comes to determining the life partner preference is very important. Marriages in India are often family affairs and thus it is important to have the family’s involvement when it comes to fixing this heavenly knot!

Families That Decide Together, Tie Together!

In India, when it comes to finding a life partner, the role of family is very important. Indian families are seen to be more traditional and emotionally attached to their culture. Family values are usually given priority and families look for an ideal partner as per their customs and beliefs. The most prevalent Hindu marriage processes involve horoscope matching, checking Gotra and Gana, looking at the family background, verifying the caste and sub-caste, and finally, matching the Guna Milap. The matching of the 36 Gunas is also done to find a suitable life partner. All of these decisions are taken by the families which is why their role is crucial in determining the life partner preference. In conclusion, the families, who understand the importance of traditions, play a very important role in fixing partner preference with their involvement in family discussions.

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Oh no no! Do not go overboard with the famous idiom; “Child-is-the-father-of-the-man!” The truth of the matter is they are the anchors of your ship called life, and they will do their best to help you sail through this huge ocean of world. So, trust your parents as much as you trust your gut feelings while taking this so-very-important decision of your life! Marriages are made in heaven but arranged by the Gods on Earth, which happen to be your parents!