Importance of Checking Different Lagna Doshas while Matchmaking

Two eyes meet!

Their hearts pounded!

Their brains suggested they stay together!

Now it is time for the destiny to decide the fate of their relationship!

Marriage could be a gamble, but if you play safe; you can swim better!

Marriage is an important part of the Hindu culture and one of the most important decisions in an individual’s life. In Hindu culture, the couple’s Kundli (Horoscope) is the basis of all marriage decisions. In this process, it is very important to check the Lagna Dosha as it determines the success of the marital relationship.

Role of Vedic Astrology in Hindu Marriages

In Hindu marriages, Vedic astrology plays an important role in deciding the suitability of a couple. Matchmaking or gun Milan is an important aspect of astrology that evaluates the potential of a relationship and prescribes remedies for lagna dosha, if any. Lagna dosha is an important consideration while pre-marital matchmaking as it affects the strength of the relationship and success of the matrimony. 

Importance of Checking Different Lagna Doshas while Matchmaking in Hindu Marriages

Lagna Dosha is basically a type of Dosha or malefic influence which occurs when certain planets occupy certain positions in the Lagna or Ascendant. If the Lagna is disturbed by these malefic influences, then it will lead to a number of marital problems. This can cause marital discord, financial losses and other issues in the marriage. Hence, it is important to check the Lagna Dosha while matchmaking and it is important to know the remedies for Lagna Dosha in Kundli match. Thus, Lagna dosha plays an important role when it comes to matchmaking in Hindu marriages. It is one of the important aspects of Vedic astrology that can determine the matrimonial success for the couple. Lagna dosha happens if the planet Sun is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart. This creates obstacles in the life of the person and affects marriage-related matters. It is hence essential to check for lagna doshas while matchmaking, especially in the Hindu culture. This is so that the couple cannot just have a successful marriage but can also move forward in life with minimal hurdles or issues. Therefore, in Hindu astrology, Lagna or the Ascendant is the most important factor in determining a person’s overall personality and life path. Therefore, when it comes to matchmaking in Hindu marriages, the matching of the Lagna or Ascendant of both the bride and groom is of utmost importance. It is important to check for the presence of lagna dosha in both the charts, as it may lead to issues in the relationship and the marriage.

Types of Lagna Doshas

There are different types of Lagna Doshas, or afflictions to the Ascendant, which can cause problems in marriage or relationships. These doshas include Mangalik Dosha, Nadi Dosha, and Bhakut Dosha, as explained below:

  • Mangalik Dosha: It is caused by the placement of Mars or Mangal in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of the horoscope. This dosha is believed to cause delays or difficulties in marriage, as well as health problems, financial issues, and conflicts between partners.
  • Nadi Dosha: It is caused when the Nadi, or pulse, of both the bride and groom is the same. This dosha is believed to cause infertility, health problems, and even death in extreme cases.
  • Bhakut Dosha: It is caused when the Moon signs of the bride and groom are incompatible. This dosha can cause difficulties in married life and can even lead to separation or divorce.


Remedies for Lagna Dosha in Kundli Match

Lagna dosha is basically an affliction on the Moon in the chart and it puts a strain on the marriage. The remedies for lagna dosha involve performing specific poojas or homas in order to clear the negativity. These remedies help to restore the balance and harmony between the couple, thus ensuring a successful marriage. Vedic astrology provides various remedies for Lagna Dosha such as gemstone remedies, pooja, yagna and upay. If the Lagna Dosha is strong, then it is advisable to perform these remedies for mitigating the effects of the malefic planets. Appropriate remedies should be done to nullify the effects of the affliction. Vedic astrology can help to identify the potential pitfalls in a relationship and suggest remedies for lagna dosha. By following these remedies, the lagna dosha can be reduced and the couple can have a happy marriage. Matching the kundlis of the couple and checking for any lagna doshas is extremely important in Hindu marriages and should be done before the wedding. Some of the common remedies for lagna dosha include the following:

  • Wearing a gemstone recommended by an astrologer.
  • Performing the Kumbh Vivah ceremony, which involves marrying a tree or a pot before the actual wedding.
  • Performing the Mangalik Dosha Nivaran Pooja.
  • Performing poojas to Lord Shiva.
  • Reciting mantras.
  • Performing japam and homam.
  • Offering food to the poor.
  • Donating to charity.
  • Offering prayers to the Sun God.
  • Observing fast on Sundays.
  • Performing Shanti pooja.
  • Donation clothes to the needy.
  • Abstaining from Alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

Overall, it is essential to check the Lagna Dosha while matchmaking in Hindu marriages as it is the basis of matrimonial success. Knowing the different remedies for Lagna Dosha in Kundli match is also important as it can reduce the malefic influences and help in strengthening the marital bond. Still, it is important to remember that while Lagna Doshas are considered significant in Hindu astrology, they should not be the only factor considered in matchmaking. Other important factors, such as compatibility in personality, values, and goals, should also be considered to ensure a happy and successful marriage.