Anger Management in Marital Relation

Marriage is bliss; it not only brings 2 individuals but also 2 families together. Some go for love, some go for an arranged system of marriage. But all do get married. In the latest trend, we also have same-sex marriages. But friends, do you know that all marriages have many kinds of emotions, one of them is anger?

Knowing, and loving a person and staying with the same person post-marriage are two different things. At times both spouses take each other for granted. In a marriage, no one person is the same and things even change after a few years.

In today’s fast learning age one reason for breaking up of marriage is anger. People get annoyed by simple things like a cup lying in the living room post tea or a big thing like the spouse has done cheating. Anger is prominent So the question arises how to manage anger in a marriage and make the same a lovely place to live in ?

So my dear reader you need to know the below

  • Every individual is different from the others

  • We always say the opposite attracts

  • So for this very reason, you are with that opposite person

  • The situation however big or small needs to know all the time that anger destroys all your hard work.

  • Try to channel your anger by backward counting.

  • Tell your self let your spouse complete his or her anger pranks

  • A simpler way one can say is when a mother, while you were a child, used to keep silent and let you do what you wanted marriage is also a similar feeling

  • In matters where the spouse is cheating on the other one, it would be better to keep cool and understand the main reason and keep the matter cautiously in front of the partner. One needs to understand that in today’s Hi-Tech world where one is better than the other may always want to pull that ONE back so first analyze the situation and see what is that other trying to do. Generally seen the cheating that is happening is generally with an office colleague so JUST CHILL and counter the situation with a lot of smart moves.

  • In situations where the wife is aggressive or annoying, the husband needs to understand the reason for her annoyance remember the best moment with her and then see the anger go out

  • For a wife who is seeing her husband annoying also there may be many reasons work pressure, family pressure etc…so before you start abusing him see what is the problem.

Some suggestions :

These days the main reason for anger amongst partners is ego clashes and then leading to divorces.

According to my experience, the best way is to take some hobby collectively and try to spend some time together

Make a list due to what the anger s surfacing and then sort it out by talking to each other.

Life is complicated due to technology so if possible spare some time for your wife and kids and make it a DND zone.

Discipline is the key to see if you and your spouse can get a Disciplined lifestyle.