About Us

Based in Pune started in the year 2012 with the intention to help cater the matchmaking services for Hindu community. The knowledge though limited has grown and is still on the growing stage .
Be it Brahmis,Kshatriyas,Kayasthas,Shudras and the OBC we make it a point that at our Matrimonial website you are able to choose your Life Partner but as per the Caste system stated in our Hindu Community

Discipline is the key factor for the success at our Matrimonial website. Our versatile team of priests from major temples help us to get you the perfect life partner. We majorly make use of all the offline portals of communication like Whats app,Telegram emails and phone calls We collect your information offline and guarantee of no disclosure to any one until and unless the profile is matched.
We help you match a profile on some major factors like age,education,looks,family background,gunas,ganas and gotras. And this is on a mark of 60% rest it is completely on the family how they proceed further. At a certain level we also make use of the VOIP facility to help talk to a profile staying in different states or different countries.
For us involvement of family members is a must as we believe matrimonial alliance is not between two individuals but rather two families. At every stage we try our level best to build confidence with TheHinduMatrimonial and the article initself says we are the number one matrimonial website knowing how to get your perfect life partner. We also give those families a helping hand who believe in horoscope matching
Though we have many languages and many cultures in our Hindu Community but one fact is there every where that is the process of getting married where in we have Sagai(engagement),Shubh Muhurath (date fixing) , Sagan ( beginning of marriage rituals), Sangeet Mehandi/Haldi and then Saptapati or the ( seven rounds of rituals to finally declare you are married) is the same.